Thursday, March 15, 2018

Hopeless showcasing

In speaking of hopeless showcasing (see yesterdays post). I see quite many stupid artist projects showcasing as well.

First of all. No, not really that someone will just pass by your show and discover you. Their stories are fabricated. You can quite often read that The Magnettes was discovered on SXSW. In reality, we did a quite big job talking to people beforehand and we had several leads. In the end, Digsin took it, sure it was the first time they saw them. But they had been nagged on for at least a year before.

Then you need to have your team there. A showcase is so big that you need to spread out to get things done. Just sending your artist and not be there yourself is just stupid. Then the artist has to refer to a person that is not there. You can send to smaller sometimes but like SXSW is just a waste of time. In our team, we are around 3 to 4 people not counting the artist.

Just because you get the business card of a big shot means that the deal is sealed.

Drinking with just people from your own country is rather stupid, these you can meet home. No, you are not cool just because you see each other abroad.

Look into what kind of time slot you have and work hard.

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