Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Poor artists on this label

Dumb and dumber, yes that what I would call the conversation I had with a record label today. I have been sending out how it works with showcasing to the Swedish record industry. we have just opened some cool stuff for Swedish bands on Live at heart and you can get a serious scholarship if you are nominated. Of course, the only way to even have a chance is to play on the festival. So I wrote a newsletter about it and explained how you should do it and some tips and stuff.

I sent it out to the list of all the record labels who are members of the different organizations, mainly the official address, and some personal. I was standing talking to a label that got this email and she was very happy to read it and was discussing it how it could benefit her artists.

Another guy that I know came up to us and heard about the things and started to ask questions since he thought it would really suit his artists. After a while, he asked why he didn't get the newsletter with this information. I was sure he was on there and asked if it was this address, and yes it was the right address. I thought it was a bit odd. But I forward the link to him to read.

A bit later I checked my computer and checked his email in our newsletter system. Yes, he was on the newsletter list but had put off the subscription. I meet him a bit later and told him that he had unsubscribed to our newsletter.

- Oh, there was a letter earlier that didn't contain any good information for me so I unsubscribed.

I guess how stupid can you be. So every newsletter should contain information totally suited for your interest and that you should make some good insights from it. That is just so I didn't want him to get the news at all.

- How do I subscribe again?

- You click on the bottom link in the link I sent you, I answered.

Poor artists that missed info just because this bozo thought one letter was boring. I looked and saw several shootouts that really he would have some benefit from. I guess if they are not smart enough to change from his label I guess they deserved it.

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