Friday, March 30, 2018

The fear

One of the fears for artists is that the record label will change them or change their music or style. In reality is not that common, sure it happens but most of the time are the artists doing something that is good and you keep it and try to build on that. And you don't change stuff just to change it.

What is more common is that artist comes up to the record label with ridiculous recording or market plans. Their suggestion that they should use producers that cost more than the salary of the whole 8 person staff for a year. Printing of merch items that is mainly because the artist wants them (hell all people that want o print double vinyl on the all the remixes that just has streamed 1000 times). And their best friend with no track record can easily do a video that cost more than all the videos you should do that year together. And to be able to book a tour they really need a tour bus.

You ask can't you book a tour an then when you have the dates we fix the bus? That question is never good to say you just get the killer look from the artist.

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