Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Was that me?

Was that post about me? I get that question quite often. But no it was not. I change quite many scenarios in different ways so it's impossible to tell what it was. Also I add and take off. The core might have a person, but the story is added and changed.

Still sometimes several people does the same mistake at the same time and I mix these together, and people get upset thinking I write about them. At the same time when they get upset they might see it in a different light.

The best is when I write and disguise it so good that the person that the post is about is comment that it was a crazy thing to do, when the post is about that person.

So why I don't write about good stuff? I do but then I usually write out the name. The errors is easier though to write about.

Don't take it personally. But if you do there might be something to think about.

Ba ett exempel hegge.

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