Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Be prepared!

It's quite funny how an artist can nag you to get things to happen. Like, we need a show in the city and everytime you speak to them they just nag around that nothing else. Then you finally get that show that they need and you get back to them.

Suddenly I need a promo picture, a biography, graphics for poster and a tech rider for the club that is gonna have them. With almost 100% certainty, nothing of that is ready. All members of the band are running around like headless chickens and send me different versions, some updated some not. The pictures will be in the wrong format and no one knows where the person who did the eps for the logo went off.

The most annoying thing here that I always tell the band when they start nag that has your shit together. It never happens. It's like you can't move anything as long as you have something to nag about.

After two days (one day after deadline) the things arrive, not in best condition but ok. we get this to the booker and everything is fine. Then a week before the show you find out that the band has done nothing on social. No event page on Facebook no updates on Songkick. No sponsored messages, nothing. The answer then is, ohh do we need to do that? Nothing gets done even if its so in front of them if you don't tell them. Suddenly they do it but with such limited time, ut get a very limited effect.

And this I get when they release something, get a show, going on tour etc. The assets around them are never there. Maybe one asset like the promo picture is taken, but then it's not on the homepage to get for the press.

Be prepared, start does these assets when you start to nag, pretend it's gonna happen before it happens just to have everything ready. Don't update just one thing, update the whole chain.

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