Monday, February 12, 2018

The Damager.

I usually speak good about to have a manager. It great having someone doing tasks and stuff and hopefully gives new opportunities to your career. But it's not always that good.

The past week I have been meeting managers that really just destroy for their artists. Mainly managers that are too pushy. Also, demanding things that are really not relevant and are quite frankly rude in their approach.

I just had a conversation with a manager that was bragging and pushing to get a deal. Of course, he used the old thing, that he had several other interested and couldn't wait. I managed to get out of him who the other was and one of them was a friends company. The funny part was that we had been discussing this band a week earlier and my friend told me they had applied but he had turned them down since he didn't like the manager.

Another manager contacted me for a PR job in Sweden. All she had to tell was that I should get them a record deal in the Nordics with the PR I was supposed to do. Here is a major problem no one gets a record deal from a bit of PR. Then the PR must be very very good and cover quite unique things. The more I spoke with her to more I really got how inexperienced she was. There was no clue what so ever what she was talking about, all same old cliches were used.

These bands might be good but the reflection of their management can be very devastating. In this case, I meet both the artists in other things and they both praised how much these managers got them done. They had no clue how much that was probably taken away from them with the pushy attitude and inexperience nonsense.

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