Monday, May 28, 2018

Weekend off

I just did it. Just shut everything down over the weekend. Turned my phone off, didn't look on social media. I just turned things on and see who thought I disappeared from the earth surface.

Now you think that I found out that no one was seeking me out. That was wrong my mailbox has over 100 new emails (I guess though many of these are GDPR stuff). I see my facebook has over 6 new messages and over 50 different notifications. So yes there was activity. I still find it that most of these messages can wait. But people are demanding to get everything instantly and here is where we will have a huge problem. In fact, I have been working 24/7 the past three months. No days off and with a very big traveling schedule. And this Friday I really got a bad headache and last time I had a headache years ago I had severe meningitis by a tick bite. I kind of warning that you are overheating the system. Just to take the weekend off.

So back now Sunday evening checking all. My headache disappeared slept a lot. The weather was great and I did some gardening work and some fishing. It was great and needed. Who were the people that are screaming out that they need my attention? You would guess the ones I work closest with or the festival where I should speak on in a week or my bands releasing stuff in two weeks or the video shoot we are working on?

None witch actually has some real stuff. No the ones that have sent several messages complaining that we don't answer is demo artists. I can see several emails from bands that haven't got an answer on their application that ends on Thursday. First these artists I probably not being booked anyway but since last day is 31 of may it would be kind of mean to say no to them after we have gone through all applications.

Then there is someone that needs to release their music. He starts to mess on Friday night and is very upset that he hasn't got an answer how fast he can put things online. Also here really no one cares about his release. In fact, there should be a system stopping people like this to even give out music.

Then there is a party that also needs a quick answer, a party I really have no intention to go on.

It is what I thought most of the things that are in a hurry is usually not important. I guess now on this summer I will start to turn my self into off mode on the weekends.

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