Thursday, May 31, 2018

The Disguise

I have been writing about it before, that people some think that it's their things I write about. Today I had another incident of that. A person thought it was their story I was writing about. It was not but when I thought about it, yes it was kind of similar.

And that is the problem, the issues we actually are going through is the same all the time. I sometimes have trouble to write about something new. It feels most issues have already been written about on the blog. They are just another version, but the center of the problem is the same.

It's about ignorance. It's about not going for it full time. It's about not having good enough songs. It's about not being an asshole. Not always thinking with feelings. And most of all the fear of making mistakes.

I write these beforehand so sometimes when I have written about a subject days before the exact problem comes up days later and I have to hurry to reschedule so the person doesn't think I wrote that about their problem.

Right now it feels like all problems are in the air so whatever I write about it's there.

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