Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Fighting Windmills

I was hanging with a old friend the other day. We don't agree all the time. Still that is refreshing I still has a big respect for him.

I have more used my professional life in the musicindustry by adopting to the changing rules and try to make opportunities in a changing world.

My friend has been successful by digging in on the field he is good at. The problem here is that he also have fought the windmills like Don Quiote several times.

I remember we had hughe arguments around the digitalization. He's point was that the artist got too low paid. My point was that the old system was an apartheid system for just a few choosen ones.

Then we both in separate ways got into the live industry making things there. Same argument though, how was the best way to pay the artist. After a few years he gave up and became bitter.

I was really admire his fighting spirit, but also never understood why fight big coperate system that only will die in a Utopia. See if he can find a new field to dig into.

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