Tuesday, May 22, 2018


The past days I have been speaking with people around the blog. It's always hearing what people think. It puts me back where the artist is many times.

And of course, it's harder to take the critics. But it's great to hear it. You then know what you can do better or change.

Or keep. What people think is just a voice. Never forget that when an A&R people say what to change things. The hard part is to know what to change and not lose your thing. It's a just one mind. Sometimes you can get the clue that many says the same things. Sometimes if that thing is what you want to keep it.

Some say I'm mean to the artist in the blog. Yes I'm, it's part of the whole thing. I want to tell it from the industry side. Give an opportunity to see how we think. I hear so many times that we say one thing on a panel like we listen to all things we get in. Then in the green room, everyone admits to not doing that. We can see in the mail if it worth to listen to. It's like we want to wrap things up and protect the artist. But it's also not telling the truth. So this is a balance and I feel sometimes I'm on either wrong side. Still, it's just my voice, one opinion.

The other is, of course, the language. Yes, it's harder to write witty and get the point through in English, it's not easy since it's not my first language. Here are things I'm working on. Try to read through more and find mistakes. Also, use better tools when I can. Here is something that I need to work on.

I love to hear things around it. Talking about the topics and the things I can do better. I hope I can take the critics as I want an artist to use my criticism.

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