Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Some knowledge is required!

I just got a mail.

Hello, I'm the manager of the artist **** and I have some questions about some stuff. Can you email me or call me at ****.

This is an artist that we dropped three years ago, mainly because he was a pain in the ass stupid. The funny part is that the manager is also an artist we dropped several years ago for the same reason. I guess now they joined forces to be the stupidest team in the music industry.

And yes they are stupid, you just look on the email which contains two rows and you see it. So you want me to dig something up from years ago around an artist that we don't work with any longer or have any rights around any longer? But you are not smart enough to write what you want to be dug up. No, you require that I should take my precious time to write back to you by email or call you up to find out what you want!

Second, whatever it is that you want we probably can't help. Whatever you forgot back in the past is not worth getting back to. Specially when the things never worked out and didn't go anywhere.

In reality, I don't have time to spend on shit like this so of course I just marked it off. And yes I know he will bug around trying to make contact but not revealing what the fuck he wants. And he will be complaining that we never answer.

And here you have the answer why people say we are hard to reach. Yes for some people we are. The ones with the right questions get answers in minutes others days and some never.

Knowledge like this is crucial and required.

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  1. Textbook! It's too bad when stupidity unites. It seldom produces a "brain child".