Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Listen first, write later!

Going through applications from different artist both on the demo side and on the festival side. And man people are dumb! Mainly managers think that sending an email with their artist will get them on the company or the festival. First, the festival has an application system so we get in all the info we need around a booking. Without doing that application your artist will not even be considered. How hard can it be if you doing a tax form you won't write the government a fucking email saying that you will do the VAT this year. They only care if you really fill out the form. Same here. The artist won't even be considered if they haven't done the application, which is kind of an easy form to fill out.

I mean I won't even consider a damn artist that doesn't want to take the time to fill out the most elementary. Not doing that just shows ignorance and that I really don't want to book to the festival. In other words, the form takes off lazy asses and loose cannons.

And I tell this to everyone, even the mangers that keeps insisting sending emails straight in begging to be booked and in the end get a big paycheck out of a showcase festival seems to be unknown for them even though we meet on one. And if I didn't tell them it says straight on the site what is possible. So just sending an email tells me directly that you haven't read the site.

Demos is even worse. We have the same procedure. But here it is okay if you meet me and I told you to send stuff straight in. Here is more the problem that people won't say what they want me to do with their music. Is just music and a story what they have done not what is coming up.

So in all listen to what I have to say before you just write to me out of the blue. Follow the instructions will take you closer to the goal, I promise.

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