Wednesday, May 2, 2018

The highest of stupidity.

I sent a contract to an artist to take a look at. I got it back with a lot of lines just crossed out. In the email, he said I did some changes.

The things he had crossed out was all the lines that said we would earn some % on the song. He had even crossed out lines that are there since they refer to parts in the law. In the end, he had crossed out so much that it was not even legal.

I wrote back and asked why these were crossed out. He answered that he thought that was not good so he had taken off everything that was not for his advantage and all the stuff he didn't know that well since he didn't have time to hire a lawyer.

Of course, this is so stupid that you even with the greatest song you really don't want to work with this idiot. So I just wrote back that ok, well then it's nothing for us.

Now he has mailed several times trying to change different lines in the worst way. The horrible part is that this is not an amateur musician, this guy has his own studio and work out of this and has this low knowledge. It seems like silence doesn't get him to understand he blow it. I'm afraid of this kind of stupidity in the business today.

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