Monday, May 7, 2018

Record calls?

A professor just wrote, how do you know the person is a psychopath? They call you up.

In this case it kind of a joke. Still there is hinch of truth to it. The most unorganized people that I trust the least has a tendency to call. Not once several times in an hour until you pick up. That can be really annoying if you are abroad and really don't want to speak in an hour about nothing or at least a project that is going nowhere.

So you write a message asking, what do you want. And what happens is that you get two other calls in five minutes.

And it is part of the game. The unorganized person will promise you alot and then claim they never promised that. Of course it's easier to prove in a email then in a phonecall that never was recorded. Maybe I should start record my calls?

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