Thursday, May 10, 2018

Stop painful export tryouts

In Swedish I sometimes put in the tag #stoppaplågsammaexportförsök witch means #stop painful export tryouts.
Kind of mean, but there is too many of them.

Like some organizations that just send the band of their own. I just saw that. The meetings with the industry people was the day before their gig. Of course the band has another gig in another city the day of the meeting. So no ground work done. Then they play on a crappy venue on a bad time. Ok that is not their fault, but it makes it more difficult.
What the band do is plaster some posters and hope for the best. Well it didn't happen around 10 people showed up and it was normal audience.
Nice but won't lead to anything. In reality totally pointless and a waste of money.

Here they had needed a person working the contacts they day before. In fact they could have traded their show for just that networking and it would have been better.

This won't lead anywhere. It's bad enough to send crappy music. But here even with good music it will not happen. I see to many of these,  so #stoppainfulexporttryouts it's time to be professional.
Stop think it will magically happen.

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