Wednesday, May 23, 2018


I was in a panel the other day and one of the topics that came up is that the new generation of artists is lazy. In my opinion, it's not just the artists it the whole society that has become lazy.

Another in the panel said to use Google when people asked how to find things. And yes the laziness seems to come with all the aid we actually have nowadays. Most info is out there and very easy to access.

You thought that if you want to send a demo to a record label you visit their homepage and check if they have info on how to send the demo to them?

No, you hit them up on Instagram and ask how to send it. And the answer would be to go to the homepage to check how to send. The laziness to not check before asking probably would get me off the hook beforehand. If they can't gather easy info from a homepage how the hell should they fix a real artist career.

Don't mix this up with when you meet me and politely ask if you can send links to me. That is really not lazy that is progressive and then I would give you my email.

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