Tuesday, May 1, 2018

The small things.

Really, so if the picture of an artist looks squeezed on Spotify you would stop listening to that song? Or if it has a bit of blue tint to it, would you stop then? This is the kind of small things some artist can go too far with. In reality, I don¨t think it matters for the listener anyway. It's just the artist ego in these cases. Also, the people that have to change it has to spend hours on something that really makes no difference.

The funny thing is these artists then leave their youtube channel totally unupdated and there is the picture from four releases ago. Their homepage doesn't even have a press section and neither any press pictures. Things that actually matter when you are sending out stuff to bloggers and other media, who also wouldn't care if there was a bit of blue tint in the Spotify picture.

When the artist has these urges it usually is because they have to much time and that is why so much other stuff is not done. One reason also is that they can't move on until everything they see is perfect. In the end they mainly just annoy people so they won't do many things for them at all.

Just leave these small things until you do a bigger update. Focus to just have a picture at all.

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