Friday, June 30, 2017

You know it's perfect when old people say you can't do it.

I was listening on a speech from a very famous old label guy from Japan the other day. He was very pessimistic about where the musicindustry where going. The sales where down. The digital in Japan didn't work and the live side had trouble.

I had heard that story before. It was told in Sweden to many times just when Spotify was making its appearance. And it was told by old farts. And we all know the crisis was solved by Spotify in Sweden later on.

Same here in Japan. The guy said that the sales where down but the digital streaming was staying at the same small rate. The thing is what he is saying is that people stopped listening to music. That is a fact that never is true. People listen to more music then ever. The error here is that the old fart really don't understand where they ate listening or where they find new music.

So I asked where kids where hanging online. I had a hard time seeing that kids in Japan not using Internet.

Fast, he answered that kids loved to be on YouTube and see videos.

Voila, bingo there you have it. The streaming is up but they haven't checked the right sources. Yes Japanese kids won't use Spotify and stuff like that. No they are on YouTube and watch videos,witch is also streaming and you can earn money on.

What I knew that he didn't was a that I had meet some younger Japanese people that explained how the new generation behaved. And they had number of exploding of use of streams.

It's never the case that people stop listening to music. But it's always what you hear from some old farts in the industry. How influencial they might have been they are out. And that is good news for you. When this happens there is niche to get into and pick shares. The golden age is when to old fart whine.

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