Monday, June 12, 2017


I have been sitting the whole weekend updating my business cards with the latest releases. I just counted that I have over3000 cards from different showcases I have been to. And every half year I go through then and try to send a personal mail to each of them just keep in touch.

I guess this is what really get the artists something. It’s over 3000 important industry people that get their music in front of them from a person that they really have meet.  That is a very high value. At the same time I don’t think anyone really thinks about it. That this is my biggest asset and the best tool to work with.

I guess many just take it for granted that the management/label/publisher should have a tool like this handy. I will tell you most of them don’t have it, but it’s expected.

And yes it takes a week to get through them all. And also follow up if they have changed position and get then new person on the position.

Still it also brings back a lot of memories and I’m blessed to meet so many great persons around the world every year.

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