Tuesday, June 20, 2017

It's a lifestyle

Breakfast in the patio behind our airbnb in West Hollywood. It will be a couple of hours before we have a important dinner with a recordlabel so it's quite nice to relax in the shadow of a the vegetation.

I guess this is the part that people see in my job. Going around the world to exotic places and do funny things.

I can easy tell that it's far from the truth. It's weekend when I write this and I have already been on several business meetings both Saturday and Sunday and has to work from my phone. Also I have at least three showcases that I have do plan and be prepared for the unexpected and try to get the right people down to see the band.

Yes it's more work here then being home at the office. Still it's another kind of work. The part I like is that you meet new people all the time.

So looking at to be on your regular trip to Thailand and just throw in a gig you really don't see what's going on.

Many just say, ohh employ me and I can come around. Yes you would see alot but not the things you think you would see. There is few moments to see tourist attractions or go to the beach. It's more work, work and try to solve things even if you can't acess all your tools. On top of that you don't have the security that many expect today. Vacation does not exist, if you go to a place there will be someone to meet. When you get back home you have three times the work to catch up. And only you to bring it back on track. You will miss all holidays, on this trip I miss midsummer eve and my own birthday. Now I consider that not much to miss, but some people think it's very important.

Still I wouldn't trade it for the world. I love it. My guess though that people would generally love it the first two trips. After that become quite annoyed. This is not a job it's a lifestyle.

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