Thursday, June 29, 2017

Not such a great idea

One of the worst things I know is when you get pitches from companies that really don't have thought their plan through.

Usually they have identified a problem in the music industry that in reality is not a problem or even worse already solved but they haven't done their research.

My favorite hate one is a company that had invented an app where you can humm a tune that come up your head. The app records it and store it your phone.
I asked, can't you that with the voice recorder? Yes you can but with this one you can share it.

Okey if someone really want to hear my humming embryos of songs to be I can upload that to a soundcloud account.

So the solution is there if you really have that need. The question is how often do we have that need?

Also many of these is connector companies. In a way a unnecessary middle man. I don't know how many shit companies I meet that "connect" you with your fans. In reality you connect with the fans on the channels they use. It's just contra productive to use a new channel and prusade people to get there. It's hard enough to get them in the channels they already know.

The rule with a connector is that it can work with very few. I would say that you can do a good job with 10 clients. But in most cases their business idea is to have thousands of clients. You just and up as a ant in a anthill.

Here you have all that doing the bands to brands, placements and so on. In reality do you don't think a brand can't seek up an artist? Of course they can, and it usually works fine. What they don't want is millions of artists they don't want. And these companies can't select what they want and not want.

Then you have the companies that are thinking that the fans should be the accelerator to your career. Yes they are by buying or consuming your art. But do you really want them in production?
Many of these has solutions for the fans to be part in your career. These companies has not thought of all the artist that over the years has complained about how the recordlabels interfered with their careers. Think also that a recordlabel is a professional hub and has knowledge. Here you just have a bunch of opinions from random strangers. Yes these strangers will buy you products but you need to be good enough to surprise or just satisfie them everytime without having hundreds of fans in your process.

These ideas that never is really thought through is very common. And they almost always do it backwards. It's always you bringing your fans to their solution. It's very few of them that has the audience and invite you.

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