Wednesday, June 14, 2017

You can’t afford to be an asshole.

It seems like some people are just out to be assholes. If something goes wrong and people try to fix it, don’t just try to put in salt in the wounds. Yes it went wrong and that how it is. But if you are being an asshole around it well, people will not do things for you down later.

I saw a artist seeking a thing that we will be on this summer and just that artist has been an asshole like that. Once a thing went wrong when we put something up digitally. It happen ( and to be clear the artist was not right on the things either). Of course we fix it and went right. Still he put in email telling that ohh this was so bad even after it was corrected. He was making himself a suffering victim.
These things happen all the time, so it’s really nothing to be upset about. Last week a site missed a premiere, well things happens not the end of the world, and you make the best out of it.

Then you have this artist that make fuzz around it, the assholes. So now when we got the list for this summer event I saw this artist’s name. Since I know his history I just took it off. He will never know. Still being an asshole can be very costly for an artist. So never be an asshole….ever.

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