Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Blind leading blind

Aren't we all failed musicians? I guess everyone that is in the musicindustry is failed musician in some way.

I usually say I'm not a failed musician and that is my strength. It's not totally true. I was in a band rehersing (never made a show) when I got into studio work where I stayed and then went to the business side.

It's worse with the people that really tried to make it and then failed and now gonna fulfill their dreams through someone else.

If you look at it on a business side they didn't have their business plan correct. The sad part is that they transfer this malfunction business plan to a new artist.

Also they are not focused. I just was on a party with a manager like that. He had been an artist. Blamed he failure on lack of opportunities when he was an artist. Now he was working for a new record label that he started with a friend (also faild musician that turned producer). He was happy like a kid in a candy shop when he managed to get into this party.

Of course he didn't have the shit together here. First he was acting like a musician when he was networking, in this case not networking at all. I felt sorry and introduced him to a good contact. Then he started talking about his own failed career and his new label. A contact like that don't care about how setup a label like that is the hardest thing in the world (it's not, the hard part is to achieve something).
The biggest mistake, not a single word about the artist he manage.
Instead he started talking about how his label had got a contract with a distributor (that everyone knows as shit and really you can get a contract with online) like it was the best thing after sliced bread.

My contact later asked me what that guy was doing. It made no sense what he was talking about.

I guess the history will repeat it self. In the end I was talking to him how it all went. It was of course marvelous to have been there. But he couldn't say what he had achieved.
I guess he achieved nothing since the business plan was not ready. His mindset was still faild musician not a artist developer.

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