Monday, June 26, 2017

It's about connections and favours.

The Magnettes did a show at Sofar Los Angeles yesterday. For that we needed special equipment. Usually on the tours we have drumpads and tracks but on Sofar it's semi acoustic.

So we got a problem, we needed a Cajón  and a acoustic guitar. Yes you can easy rent that, it's just for one show. But we had the show late evening and have to leave super early next morning there was no room for take any rented equipment back.

Here comes the coincidences that if you have a large network will happen and you as a manager are dependent on.

I was standing in a bar in Austin two years ago and a friend of mine introduced me to Jesse. Not long ago Jesse sent one of his bands Klez to Sweden and wanted some help to get the artist into the market. For that he connected me with his boss Roger at Soundx3. It showed that Roger was connected to some gigplaces in LA so we helped each other out. I got he's band some stuff in Europe and he got me some stuff in USA.
So now when we was in LA on a showcase Roger fixed with his bands and mine. I talked to Roger about the guitar. And sure enough he had the nicest guitar that we could borrow.

We needed the Cajón. A guitar is lying around is possible but a Cajón?

Now we have to go back several years. I meet Fiona Bloom in NYC I don't remember where and when, but she is very connected in the industry. I invited her to Live at Heart to speak at my conference a year ago. She then hooked me up with Jeremy Hulsh who has Tune in Telaviv in Israel to get him to Sweden. Jeremy spoke on Live at Heart and he invited me to Tel Aviv to see his conference.

On Tune in Telaviv I was on the hunt to book a band to Live at Heart 2017. And on a small gig I found this amazing band named Trubdr Adam Road. And I booked them on the spot.

Now it so happens that Adam is in LA at the same dates so I invite him to our showcase. During the showcase I was talking about my trouble with the Cajón. Adam then says, my manger has a Cajón! And it turns out that she is there with him. He introduce me to Yael Kempe and sure enough she has a Cajón that we can borrow.

It's things like this that are the music industry. It's people around the world helping out with things. It's about connections and favours.

So The Magnettes did a great show thanks to people I meet on totally different places years ago. The best part with it I got some really good new people that I will help achieve things in my network.

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