Thursday, June 22, 2017

Label services are not the way to go.

Okay we put down our label services 2010 for a good reason,  it doesn't work (we had it 2002 to 2010). So I'm quite annoyed that they are still out there. What's even more annoying is that they are lower in quality than when we put it down 2010 and it's 8 years later.

Why is not label services work? First, if you are gonna give something out by yourself, learn the trade. It's like if I want to be a cab driver, what would I do? Get the cab license a car and network so people can book me. The wrong thing would be to go out and hire a person to drive my cab and pay that person a higher salary than the income.

Second, these label services are built for masses so actually, they don't fit the purpose. In reality, they mainly serve lazy artists that just want to give out stuff and don't want to put the effort in. So they can't provide the actual tools for success just tools that you can get for free or much cheaper price if you look around a bit.

The idea looks good and would be nice if it worked. Still, the reality is that it never works if you are just an ant in an ant hill.

So if you shouldn't use label services what should you use? Right now we see more and more artist development companies which are like management but wider. Or you just do it yourself and learn the trade by going on music industry fairs listen to panels and learn the trade and get a network.

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