Monday, June 19, 2017

Placements is not that hot any longer

I'm going on a brunch soon. I've just arrived to Los Angeles and of course they are hyping this up with having some Supervisors at the brunch. After all its a music industry event and home for the TV and movie industry.

Don't get me wrong. It's good to be placed in a TV serie, movie or commercial but it's not as it used to be.

When I started to place very much 10 years ago it was a different game. The prices was 10 times higher and it was considered to be a "sell out" so we where a bit alone in the field witch made it easy since the the Supervisors was easier to reach and talk to, and not so snotty that some of them can be today. And over these 10 years I have my songs on superbowl 3 times and worked with the biggest brands in the world. It has been great.

Still right now I feel the change. Today if not placed you are not that good. So the stamp on "sell out" is gone. Thanks for that. The backside is that thousands of people try to sell so much shit music that the Supervisors have hidden themselves behind various walls.
Also this have made the Supervisors to belive they are superstars and the only gateway to break an artist. Witch has made some of them more divas then the artists.

The reality right now is more that since it's so many pitching that the prices are down and they will be lower. Why? Well I can do a whole post around that, so we just say it's down to minimum.

The big thing is though that the power of commercials and TV series is much much smaller now. The new technology is providing that you can choose your target. A commercial that before went on everyone and with that forced the music into the brain of many people now goes to a selected group and mainly just once or twice. Good for companies to get direct to a target group. For the music not so good since a very few get to hear the music. So the effects of a placement is very limited as it is today.

There is also so many more channels. The odds that you see the same shows as your friends is kind of small. Before it was more likely that you did. In this case the music even get smaller and the chances that you discuss the music even smaller.

So the price is down and gets to a smaller audience. And for that, Supervisors and supervision is not the hot topic any longer.

Another factor is also that the digital channels is not spilling over to each other. Everything stays in its own channel.

I just feel that this era is over. They Supervisors got a few years in the limelight I guess it will be back to be a bit obscure and some of there jobs will be on the technology side.

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