Wednesday, July 5, 2017

We don't care about your socialmedia numbers

Then he said it! We don't care about your socialmedia numbers. With a right campaign they will be fixed you don't need to have them beforehand.

I was on a panel where a guy from the most powerful and most frontrunning company in the world was talking.

I have been waiting for this to happen. We have for awhile seen that the numbers is not telling so much of the status just about the past. And just a portion of the past.

For example one of my bands has over 7 millions streams on Spotify. That is really good. If you trust the numbers they should be a safe horse to bet on. Well the case is that these numbers are from when they toured and had hired a special company to work towards to get streams. Also back then it was easier to get to Spotify visit them and then get on playlists. In reality these numbers just shows the past. The future is not given away with these numbers.

I have seen companies going on with this in the past five years thinking that the numbers will spill to other parts, or you can predict the next big band from the numbers (well you can, but then you are too late when the numbers is going perfect on all channels they don't need you, you are to late). All of these companies has fail miserably.

So when a person just looks on your socialmedia numbers and judge only on that (it's very easy to do, trust me) they are really not good on things.

I can take a example. I friend of mine is developing a band with almost no social numbers. It has its explanation. The band has just released a single by the self. Not well promoted or we'll done, but you have to start to learn.
But the single did one thing. Got the attention of my friend. Now for the next single she will put in her knowledge. She is really good so the expectations is higher. Yesterday day she told me that she got the band on a opening slot on a big concert that is TV broadcasted.

This band with the lousy numbers will do better than my band with good ones. These opportunities will provide that the numbers goes up, maybe very fast.
It's the opportunities around that are interesting and that is never in the numbers. The numbers shows the past.

Then you say that the companies that are watching the numbers now will find my friends band. Yes they might. Still to keep the figures going it depends if my friend can pull off some more stunts to get them good opportunities (I know she will, she is awesome but not all are that so it's nothing that the numbers can say).
Also even if the see the numbers go up what say that this band will get these number readers any rights to their music. They might trust their manager doing it. No number crunching will never be a business.

In the future like in the old days, the knowledge of what is coming is the key to read it. But so far we really can't read the future through the numbers, they just shows the past.

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