Monday, July 10, 2017

Do the nagging in the right way.

I should say that a nagging artist is really the first you kick in a scenario of taking off bands. Still nagging is needed to get things done. People are busy and sometimes a reminder is great. The art of nagging is really something to be learned.

Don’t do it too often. I just had an idiot writing about an error on a site. Since it was the weekend no one is there to fix it. We answered in the weekend that we should look into it. So sending a message 11:30 am with the message “whats happening?” is just unprofessional. Make no sense what so ever to write that message. Yes its 48 hours since you wrote the first one but during a weekend you should be glad to just get an answer.

Then I got a message from another client that just asked about when we should do a send out. Totally right, we haven’t done anything for a while so I just put that in my calendar. That was a right way of nagging.

The ones who do it wrong is the one that think that we will drop everything just for your problem, small as big. And think that if I nag enough it will get things done. It might but at the same time you lose so much goodwill it’s not worth it.

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