Thursday, July 27, 2017

Never apologize

Yes, we are in the demo week on the blog. Taking out issues that we see from the demos we got in. Since I had several friends over drinking beer listening on demos I also got the most comments on what they thought failed in the presentation or music.

You just look strange when someone is writing: This is not our best song we have better ones.
Why the hell don’t you send the better ones? I guess the answer would be that they are not recorded Fun fact is that all artist whenever you talk to then yesterday’s song they wrote was the best one in the world and the song you are promoting that was written six months ago is really not that good any longer, even though it was the best song in the world back then.

Back to the point, never apologize for what you send in or the presentation. In most cases, we overlook that if you don’t point it out, but when you point at it with your whole hand we lose interest in the whole thing.

At the same time when we are talking about apologizing. The other way around is not good either. We got this message in one of the demos around the artist:

All about me we can take in an interview, I believe in my music and it speaks for itself.

That was all that was written. That just gets you to off on the artist.
Don’t apologize and don’t be too cocky and don’t send it in if you are not satisfied with the work.

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