Tuesday, July 18, 2017

CD or streaming services

I just read a post around the thing of releasing you music on CD and don’t be on the streaming services. Of course this discussion is on a blog for independent artists in USA. I see the same discussion ten years ago in Sweden. And the answer is, forget about the CD it is a dead format. Sure you could get out so much more money out of a CD. It was totally overpriced and the audience went for the piracy as a revolt against that. The streaming services were a savior back then.

The interesting part of the whole thing is that we now are discussion how the different streaming services and attention networks work against each other. Latest one is the death of radio where smaller number of people is actually listening and it won’t effect people to dig into more of an artist. I saw this already ten years ago, where the radio would play a song but it actually didn’t affect the numbers of sales. With the new technology we can really see how little radio makes an impact.
I guess we are talking about old formats and like to stick to them. Radio was a good format in the 70:s and 80:s, CD:s was good in the 90:s but from 2000 the digital ways took over and here is where it’s done.

So is it just Spotify? You know what? Hell no we just got proof that Spotify is as little as radio on the path to make impact to people. We are just starting to look on the digital world in a totally new sense and the answer is that is not just on channel it’s a big mix of different things that will make the effect.

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