Friday, June 28, 2019

Have everything in order

I just fixed a release where I got the wrong master files. Okay no big deal, but this happens almost two to three times a month that we get the wrong files. People are into much stress to get things out that they really don't have their things together.

Now I got a mail from an artist that wrote. I skipped the English bio just filled in a Swedish one we are in a hurry, does it matter?
Of course, it matters. What should I send the international bloggers, a Swedish bio and they can google translate?

Before you even start to upload and start building your PR campaign get everything in order. Look over your social media, update the bios make everything perfect. this is when you have gotten the right master,. The most amateurish mistake is to plan the whole release before anything is recorded and finished. Yes, I know you want to get things out to your listeners, but stress everything will just make it that fewer people are getting a chance to listen to your music and it will be full of mistakes.

I feel more and more people don't know what is needed for a release. all they think is that the song is recorded.

The same when the song is released. Suddenly everybody just stops to work with the PR. All should be done before the release they think. In the new world, you have quite many things to update people with before the song is dead.

Try to have a real plan and give your music a better chance.

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