Thursday, June 6, 2019

Be prepared!

Be prepared. Shit will happen! Just got a call from one of the bands. Their gear is stuck in Amsterdam where they changed the flight. Really nothing you can do about it. The first show is this afternoon and my guess is that the next flight will be in the evening. 

Here you have to be prepared. Get to the organizer and see if you can borrow some equipment from some other band and then do as best you can do.

You need to have rehearsal a smaller set. Yes, you need to be able to adopt. The most impressive is when bands solve these situations. Like when Dave Grohl fall of the stage in Gothenburg broke his leg. Let them treat him on stage complete the show sitting down. No, it's not optional but you solve the problem.

To many times artist hide behind that, they need this or that. That is just an excuse the real artist will be: the show must go on, and adapt to the situation. That is what separates a real artist from the just wannabe.

Unfortunately, I think not many actually think to reherse worst case scenario. You should be able to upscale and downscale to be successful. Also, be able to take chances that just spontaneously arise.

So my band. Yes, they went and in the end borrowed some stuff. But had to use tree branches as drumsticks. But they did the show and got a story and reputation to keep on going.

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