Thursday, June 13, 2019

You need to know the cycles

Never fails, in June you get all the artist that ask how to get a festival gig this summer.
A lot of the failure by the artists is that they more or less do things on the spot there is not planning for the future. This summers gig was probably booked between October to April or sometimes the lineup is almost ready by January. Right now you can't really do anything. Sure there might be a gig coming up because an artist is canceling but there is really no point of sending stuff to festivals which are in turmoil to get their things going next week.

I just saw my own festival last week when we stopped the intake. The last 48 hours got more result than the whole of March and April. In reality, we already booked most of the acts earlier this spring, so you got a very slim chance to get on if you send in the last 48 hours. In fact now a week later I get emails from people missing the deadline and still wants in.

I guess a good tip-off is to be in time and plan ahead. So many timers when I send out in October to the artists to seek out festivals they merely don't do it. They think it's a long time before the festivals so they have time. Then they forget and in the end, they try to squeeze in everything. Just by stop doing this and know the cycle of everything in the industry. Like when do you apply for grants, when is the application period, when is it best to talk to people, would get your chances to rise with 50%.

Okay so right now is not a good place to try to book an autumn tour, yes I know it's June. No, they are in booking for February and March. So instead of getting down to the beach start to approach the things you need at the beginning of next year.

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