Wednesday, June 12, 2019

It's about fans not look.

I got the 100 emails about how do you get your video on Spotify. Or how you make your account official on Instagram or how you get a small blue blip on Twitter.

The answer is pretty easy: GET A F*CKING FANBASE!

All this is premium stuff for people with a fanbase. The problem is that the artist is starring them blind to have these small gadgets since then they seem to be bigger. But it doesn't work. You get that when you reach that level and the only way to reach that level is to get real fans.

So stop doing things that are just putting up makeup on a pig. Start to do the things that matter. Collect the people that actually like your music and wants to hear it.


  1. Hej Peter! Jag är signad via er men har varit borta i ca 9 år, hur går jag tillväga för att släppa nya låtar som sen kommer upp på tex spotify? Med vänlig hälsning Andreas

    1. Prova Distrosong de kn få upp låtarna på alla sajter.