Friday, June 14, 2019

Closing doors

Don't close doors just because you are on your way to open a new one. In the new music industry, you rely on many teams doing things at the same time.

I get the feeling though that many artists want to start from scratch when they start a new project. Suddenly they close as many doors as possible to just put all things on the newly open door.

Yes, I have written on the phenomena before here in the blog. And also written about how a bigger team is necessary.
I guess people mind is much time built up to just focus on one thing. With several teams, you need to stay focus. In short, by shutting them down you take an easy way out.

But it is a big risk. I see too many try to open those doors again when the chosen one just leads to an empty room. Going back and try to open those closed doors can be really painful and many times impossible to open again.

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