Monday, June 17, 2019

What is best?

If I told you that you can get a gig where 40 of the most influential festivals will see you. But that gig is on the same day as you have a gig in the local venue. The local venue is paid, not much but paid. The other gig would cost you 10 euro to play. Also, it's not booked before like you are stuck in a contract. What would you choose?

Yes, a paid gig is good, pays the rent and so on. But probably won't get you forward since you have played there before. Sure you have an audience on that gig that already likes you but the other gig could present you to a much bigger crowd.

For me, it's kind of easy to take the gig with the festivals. You take the opportunity.
I see so many artists doing this mistake by not attending the whole showcase festival. Instead, they take one day and play fast and then hurry home to take other gigs. Promise that will never work. You are probably just losing money on both events. You lost money by not doing the commitment fully out.

I see many bands with full schedules but it's in the same venues all the time. they are not moving forward and just keep doing the same they have been doing. And telling them to take a chance that would cost them they never dare to do. And that keeps them on the same place until they just quit.

Sometimes a paid gig is not better than taking an opportunity. Not always but think about it if you want that opportunity really bad.

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