Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Write new stuff, all the time.

This maybe should not come as a surprise that you have to write new stuff all the time. But it seems like a surprise every time I take it up with artists. Most that work with things want to have the next single before they release the one you just did. In reality, you have to be around 3 to 4 singles ahead. When you come to the really big companies where it takes a longer time you have to be an album ahead.

Yes, I know that you want to get your latest masterpiece on your Facebook feed, but think they you have to be three steps ahead. So now when I hope you have some clam time during X-mas sit down and write a couple of tunes that you can present in January to get them out in April/May.

The excuses that I also hear is massive. we don't have time since we are updating the social media and taking new pictures and my grandma has her birthday and you have to open all your x-ms presents. There really are no excuses, that only show you are not focused enough. I guess the new business is not a place for drugs and rock'n'roll. The pressure is higher than ever so be prepared for the surprise to have new songs always and always write new stuff.

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