Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Are you doing other peoples work?

In many cases, one thing is very good to know who is doing what not just collect titles of people. One of these people was brought up on a meeting I had with a record label this week. The label had been forced to work that usually a booking agency or a manager usually do. Kind of a lot of work was done outside the field of giving out music which was the record label responsibility. They mainly did it since no one else was doing it and it was the only way to get the artist forward.

Suddenly the artist came in with a manager that he had found at a show. This manager was not the best that this record label had in mind. Still sure then it's the manager who should do the things. So they start cutting off things that were the manager's job. Then the artist came around and started to complain that the record label wasn't doing the things they used to do. They explained that he needed to get that with his manager since that was now his job. The artist went back to the manager, and of course, the manager hadn't the experience to do the simple tasks that are demanded of him. In the end, the artist didn't get anything done from any of the parts.

Even worse is the people that think that they have can have two doing the same tasks and thinks they would get 200%.  Like having two labels giving out different projects and try to grow with both.

many also get utterly disappointed when they change labels or management and get less service since the old part was covering up things.

In many cases people do more work then they should, you have to be sure what work you can replace or get more out of. So be aware to check what people do, don't just assume things are getting done.

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