Monday, December 11, 2017

A advice, don't let anyone tell you what to do.

No, it's not what you think, that I will give you the advice to go your own way. Artists that actually go their own way discarding the advice doesn't go that far.

This is about all the advice that people like me give you online. Most of them actually have an agenda and the advice might not fit what you are about to do how good they seem to be when you read them. Right now I have bumped into several artists that are information junkies. They read all they can come over to make everything right when they should release music or take the "next" step in their career. In the end, they mix a lot of the advices and it's like ending up mixing ice cream with ketchup. Both are good but not mixed together. Also, they are focusing on the small tweaks instead of the big elephant in the room.

Same with lawyers, they are there to give you advice. The problem that they seldom know what their advice could lead to. If you negotiate a contract it will be good for you but uninteresting for the counterpart. Many times this advice can destroy a career rather get it forward. In many situations this contract where a lawyer said this and that and I did what I felt for, I went the right way. Today I got a really big paycheck that many gave me advice not to. Still, I knew what I was doing and as long I didn't write off to many rights or any important rights it was a great deal. And the proof now four years later.

Take also the advice of people that are out there in the industry. I just heard one of the dumbest advice from a lawyer. The advice was built on old stuff that was in the industry years ago, for example, give out a CD and don't release it digitally until six months later. Of course, this lawyer is not out in the reality. He is still thinking that Midem is the meeting point for the industry. Just that says that he is not in the position to give any advice.

The worst advice usually comes from other artists. In these things, it's more like blind leading blind. In so many ways an artist career has been smashed into pieces for a bad advice from another musician. A career is never like another career but the mistakes are usually the same.

So who should I trust? You can't you should what feels right and collect people you like to work with you and go from there.

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