Thursday, December 7, 2017

This really makes me cringe!

It's great that artist goes and do charity things and support a  good cause. What makes me cringe is when this good cause is more for the artist PR then it is for the cause.

Like when an artist wants to help refugees from Syria. Great do it! But when they seek out money to make a CD and promote so people get up their eyes around the problem and starts to give money to organizations that help refugees. I guess it would just be easier to give money directly to these organizations by telling people to do it, no take a detour sponsoring the album.

Yes, Band-Aid was a success. Still, they gave something, part of their celebrity and probably record for free, and yes they also gained PR from it and helped people understand. But if you did Band-Aid with a bunch of nobodies from a small town in Sweden that actually wants to get paid to do it I totally cringe at it.

And I see this quite often, a small artist thinking that they help but in reality just want a story and more or less shadow the cause because of their own cause.

One of my old artists made a post the other day, lashing out at Black Friday that people are spending the ridicolous amount of money on the thing they really don't need, and that is destroying the environment. At the same time, he gave out a vinyl of his latest record even though there is no tour and no stores taking it in, just for the cause that he wanted to have his music on vinyl.

I see a lot of the cringy things.

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