Monday, December 4, 2017

I need the doer not the person looking for the doer.

If you meet different persons in the music industry most of them actually sell the service to find the person that will do the service. For example, most bands look for the manger that can fix most of their things. Most managers are mainly going to others to do the things. Yes, you can't do everything yourself so it is correct in a way.

But now I have found a lot of persons that actually just take money to find other persons. Like I can fix you a record deal! And then they find a record company charge for the find and then their job is done. The problem here is that these deals really don't work. They're a meant to fail.Both because the record label thinks this manger would do some job. The artist thinks the record label will fix everything, which they won't do.

Mainly because what the artists think they are paying for is the person that should fix everything, what they get is just a random company that says yes.

I also bump into many people that say that they can get stuff or do this, but as soon you start working with them you see fast that no they are talking to someone else that is actually operating the things you order.

I really want the doer. The person that gets things done and not push it away to another service. Those you should be careful and take care of. They are a very rare to find.

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