Thursday, December 14, 2017

Why not choose the best?

It's kind of obvious. If I buy a guitar I will not be a guitarist. I won't after seen some tutorial videos on youtube play like Steve Vai. Not even if I got Steve Vais guitar I will play like him.

Same with golf clubs. No, I won't beat Tiger Wood in a golf match just because I have his clubs and he will have my olf shit of clubs that stands in the garage. And no one would ever think this way. Except..

If someone is buying a system camera suddenly they are a photographer.

The artist spends hours to learn to play the guitar. Hours of writing the song and modify it to be perfect. Spends money to record it. When it comes to the picture on it they just seek some average joe with a system camera. When the picture is not that good, well then we do some artsy fartsy stuff in photoshop and we got a decent picture. Why is that? You would never just take an average person to play the guitar on the recording, would you?

Even worse, when they can't handle the colors and try to escape by doing the picture black and white, and now it soooooo good. No that is like taking the average guitar guy record the first solo that comes out of the guitar and hook on an echo on it and it's soooo good.

Since I been working in both field I really know the difference. With pictures, I really do know more than an average artist. When it comes to the end I'm the one who is gonna work with this picture in media and social media. A bad picture is as bad as a bad guitar solo.

A real photographer works with shadows and lights it has very little with the camera to do if they are good. In fact, the really good ones can use a cellphone and still makes it good. Same with a really good guitarist, it's not so much what guitar instead how you play it.

This is an error many do with their cover pictures and presspictures. And it shows. I know that it's more likely that you get results with a range of pictures that the journalist/blogger can choose from. Yes, you will get more space on the poster of the festival with good color pictures. No, it's not good that you can't see you face as you are too far away in the picture. It's really easy.

And last no you can't fix a song with some reverb, neither you can fix a bad photo in photoshop.

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