Monday, December 18, 2017

What record labels seeks nowadays.

We just open our demo submissions. Yes, we already got a lot of submissions. The interesting part is that there are more and more record labels that seek out our services. It is the opposite around.  Before it was the manager's job to seek out a record label that could provide for the PR and the development of the act. It was the A&R that had this on the desk to provide the movement of the artist, at least twenty years ago.

The industry has been pretty unclear the past ten years who is doing what in the new digital landscape. Also, it has been quite unclear what the tasks really is in the digital landscape. We have seen many companies jumping into different roles, publishers become distributors, record labels becomes publishers, booking agencies becomes 360 deals, managers become distributors.

What I see as the main thing right now is to have a person that takes the task forward. In many cases whatever the company is they just wait for someone else to bring in things that take the artist forward at the same time, they are trying to hold on to as many rights as possible. Of course, that is impossible since no one is working for free if you don't stand a chance to get your investment back then nothing will happen. No one will do nothing and all comes to a standstill.

It's rather unimportant who is doing the job as long as new opportunities come to the table in a steady stream. That is why a record deal or a publishing deal or even a booking deal is kind of nothing. In reality, it can just be a friend bringing in opportunities from a good network that could be the solution.

These people that I call the Doers are the most important people. And a person that works really good for one artist might suck helping another artist since the focus is in another direction. To become really successful you probably need three to four Doers that are working with 100% focus on your project. That is a tough task to get going I tell you that.

I guess the new Doer is artist development companies. And yes we are one of the first to call ourselves this. Just check in a couple of years and will have a lot of followers. The trick will be though if they can bring the stuff to the table.

Well if you want to work with Musichelp here is the link to send in stuff.

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