Tuesday, December 5, 2017

It's like putting makeup on a pig!

I just saw a video from an artist that my friend is handling. It was an okay video or tell the whole truth, in reality, a very boring video. I know they spent a hell of a lot of money in this video. The problem is that the artist wants to be a lot of indie. They rent hell of a lot of equipment a good director and people around it. In reality, they could have done a good video with really great shots. The artist wanted a dark video like some Susann Osten vibe ( a famous Swedish director that really can't film, more like a 10-year-old with a video camera ).

It's more like the artist really don't want it to be good because if it is good someone could critic the video. Now the artist can face the critic with that that people don't understand the real message because it is artsy fartsy.

In reality, there really is no message. It's just lousy pictures done with a hell of a crew. In reality, it actually could have been shot with a cellphone. No blame on the director she tried but was forced to do this crappy shit because the artist wanted it.

I asked my friend why he let it go through? He wasn't satisfied either. He answered that it was like the artist was afraid of success and kept smashing good things to pieces. Same with songs the artist took the songs that the record label didn't vote for, and used the ones that no one really liked. And of course, the PR team hated the video still it has to be released since they spend so much money on it.

It is like putting makeup on a pig! was his word around how the PR team would try to get this to a decent audience.

I guess success can be scary.

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