Sunday, November 26, 2017

What are Musichelp looking for!

We open up for submissions again. Which is always fun. But instead of writing stuff on the homepage around everything, they asked me to go through it here on the blog since the info could be good for other purposes.

Many think it's just about a good song. Yes, you need a good song, it won't work with a bad song. The truth is that is very many good songs out there and then the story becomes the main focus.

We need a good song and a good story around the artist. What is a good story?

This is kind of tricky. No, it won't just be that this song is something that people feel passionate about. It usually circles around the artists themselves. Everybody has them you just have to present them in a good way. No, I don't care who is playing in the band. In the truth, we want to know the nearest future. Where are you heading is there any bigger stuff coming up. Here is a blog post about artist branding.

Then you say, is not that your job. No, we are looking for artists that are working hard. We are not a developing company that builds up One Direction, Spice Girls, Backstreetsteet Boys band. Still, it has to have some momentum to it. We don't expect that you have played the biggest arena but have done ten gigs is kind of a must. If you just are a studio artist that looks to get more numbers on Spotify, we are not that kind of company. We are the company that builds artist using several platforms, both live, recordings and placements.

Also, send songs that are unreleased. here is a kind of long blog post explaining why.

Think kind of like a job interview. Not for you (yes we get demos with full CV.s of the band's members, fun but not useful), for the band. Like what is your career highlights, what is your goals.Yes, this might be your future job. Our goal is to have a long working relationship with our artists so yes we test our artists as well. If you only see your music as a hobby, we are not the right company for you.

And never apologize or be to cooky. And in the end, yes we are a hit company so if your genre is very odd we probably are not right for it. Think what is played on commercial radio.

Here you go back to Musichelps submission page.


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