Monday, November 13, 2017

They screw you in the drivethru!

I'm pretty fascinated by the artist that seeks a contract and then when they get the contract on the table takes ages to answer on it. It's like the hunt is just to get the paper, then sign it and get on to a good co-operation seems it's not in the plan at all.

In reality, the contract is just a thing that regulates the co-operation but it has become some kind of mythical.

And most of the time they are looking for things that can screw the artist over. You know what!  Where the music industry really butt-fucks artist is on the online services where you really don't read the contract and just upload the music. You feel some kind of security just because you can always take down your music from the platform. As we all know if you upload photos on Facebook or Instagram they actually have the rights to use the pictures in other things. They also have the rights to sell stuff around your person, information. Right now many companies are using this and some other good schemes to lure money off artists. The contracts that come on paper is usually kind of fair since they are made to be right, it's the other ones you should be afraid of.

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