Tuesday, November 7, 2017

I want it all!

Yes today video really says it all about the topic. Freddy Mercury really know what he is writing about in this song. Literally saying all the stuff that and artist wants.

The problem you can't have it all, and specially not now. The career is never straight forward and your choices will almost never be right. The thing in the businesses is to survive all the struggles that are coming against you in a smooth way.

No you won't get the perfect lightning or the perfect sound on your first show on the local pub. The question is can you make the most over the situation to overcome it. Is your show so good that the audience really don't care if the sound is a bit dull

The thing is that you can stand up for the things you have released years in ago without being embarrassed, and no you always will be embarrassed by your old shit the solution is not to lock everything in a cupboard.

Yes you will do a shitty deal. Still it might the way forward. You have to ride it out and know what you are looking for.

In most cases it's about saying yes and try stuff and minimize damage along of the way. Thinking that you will have a perfect smooth ride is just the  most stupid things you can ever do.


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