Thursday, November 30, 2017

In 99% is that your music sucks.

No, there is no one acting like a wall to reach A&R:s. In the 80:s yes, now no you can find them easily online. No, it's not really hard right now in the business. In the 90.s, there were multi-billion companies actually stopping you on a very low level, that is gone today.

Sure it's not easy to affect Spotify or Google. But they have services that actually let you speak to an audience.

So when artists, producers, songwriters complain how hard it is to get through its ridiculous. Sure it's hard it's always hard to get something out to an audience and that is with everything. Starting a new restaurant, yes it will be hard. Become a youtube star on a channel, yes it's hard. Making a movie is hard. If it was easy everyone would do it.

In reality, the key factor is that what you are making is crap. It doesn't make a difference if you manage to land it in the knee of an influential person. It's still just crap in that person's lap as in your lap.

It's not easy for the people that make great music either. But it usually finds it's way out. the Beatles got a no, Supertramp got a no and Madonna as well. And even without the people that actually took them out there, they would have found a way out. Because what they did was interesting and good, none of them had survived with crappy music.

So why is not the industry telling you when your music is crap? For many reasons, you might do crappy music right now but over the years get better and make excellent songs. So telling you to know that you suck can be contra productive. Also, we don't want to be assholes and tell people bad news.

Since I see all the things that we get presented with I can easily tell you that 99.99% is crap with undeveloped acts. The reason you don't get an answer from many of us or just a thank you for sending is that your music is not in the quality we search for. So instead of being offended, get back up there do new stuff and present it again until you have a product that actually works.

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