Friday, November 24, 2017

Equal with a agenda.

Yes, I would have been on a course on the get more women into the music industry. And I agree it's needed. But I also disagree with a lot what is going on and many of the people that act like saints in this matter is very often working on a hidden agenda.

A couple of years ago there was a very high police officer in Sweden that worked a lot to get women into the Swedish police force and getting it more equal. Because of that, he got the nickname "Captain Dress". A couple of years ago Captain Dress was arrested for buying prostitutes and underage girls and got fired and went to jail.

Okay, that is a really tough one but I see the same pattern right now in the music industry. Many of the men that go for equality actually are stopping women to get in on higher positions. Even worse I saw one guy who I know is a real creep going out with empty phrases about men should give spaces to women and so on. The funny part is that his office is just men, and we had trouble with him hitting on girls during a tour even though he is married.

Still, everybody thinks he is a good guy. And just a couple of days ago I said no to work with his organization and my friend who had suggested them to seek me out was very confused. The problem is that I really can't tell the whole story to my friend, I just have to say that I felt uneasy about that organization.

Well, there is more to this equalization that I'm starting to feel uneasy about. I get back on it soon.

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