Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Take the world by storm!

Take the world by storm...or not. Sometimes I just see the layers this industry is really in. I just listen to a speech that a friend is doing. He was talking about a pretty unknown hard rock band like they were going somewhere. In reality, they are heading nowhere so far. Still, in his eyes, they really are heading somewhere. They got a record deal they have a manager and in my friend's world that is something and a good way to go somewhere.

Then you have the world. I meet another band really going small steps and going into Europe. They were more unsure if everything would stick together. How long would it take until they become famous? And what is famous? Here I thought they were going somewhere. But they were not sure themselves. They have everything settled like record labels, publishers, bookers and a reputation.

I meet a label person on a big label in USA also. For him, none of these bands really existed. For him, Cigarettes after sex (Indie band) was on the rise. Actually, Skott was maybe on the rise but not enough. The steps I thought was ongoing was nothing here. The perspectives of what is going somewhere are really in the eye of the beholder.

But in certain genres, they are very low and other very high.

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